painting by Fang Lijun

The recent development of art in various countries also did not escape Edwin's attention, which encouraged him to build relationships with a number of overseas galleries, institutions, artists and curators. In this globalized world, collectors of art do not merely collect works of art of their own country of origin. Hence, national boundaries too have somehow faded in the world of artistic discourse. In this case, solid and trans-national networking amongst art institutions becomes necessary. Edwin's Gallery realises the importance of this. On that account, in March 2003, in cooperation with curator Johnson Chang, for the first time ever in Indonesia, Edwin's Gallery hosted an exhibition of the works of China's Avant-Garde artists, such as Zhang Xiaogang, Fang Lijun, Yue Min Jun, Guo Wei, Wang Guangyi, Mao Xuhui, Tang Zhigang and others. Following this exhibition, a number of other Chinese artists like Xiang Jing and Qu Guangci had been exhibited by EG in the Galeri Nasional Indonesia. Korean art has also been represented at Edwin's, through the exhibition of a contemporary sculptor, Yi Hwan Kwon.

On the other hand, the gallery will continue its endeavour in promoting Indonesian art overseas, via exhibition projects with selected venues as we have previously done at PalaisProject in Vienna (2009), NUS Museum in Singapore (2009), Asia Art Center and New Age Gallery in Beijing (2008), Godo Gallery in Seoul (2008), 1918 Artspace in Shanghai (2007), the Sichuan Museum (2005), Lido Open Asia 2004 in Italy, et cetera. We are constantly building an even greater, wider and more solid networking with overseas art establishments, so that the voice of Indonesia art echoes even stronger around the globe.