People’s Comments at the Anniversary of Edwin’s Gallery

As an art curator in charge of a number of exhibitions at Edwin's Gallery, I think the gallery's attitude has been progressive enough. There's a kind of unwritten agreement between Edwin's Gallery and I in planning and producing a show. It has been giving me freedom to determine the theme of shows, select the artists, and produce the show as my profession dictates, including selection of art works to be put on exhibit. I have never gotten any pressure to show something that would sell.

As a privately-owned gallery, whose goals are to promote artists and to sell their works, I think Edwin's Gallery realizes that the nominal value of art works lies in the values beneath the surface. It has evidently understood that an art work is not a commodity whose value is to be determined by prospective buyers' taste and the marketplace. With this in mind, Edwin's Gallery has been a successful enterprise nonetheless.

Jim Supangkat
Art Curator


The 25 years journey of Edwin’s Gallery has been a long journey that consistently shows much substantial progress in terms of the exhibition programs as well as its infrastructure. In the networks of galleries, artists, curators, collectors, and art appreciators, Edwin’s Gallery is invariably seen in positive light, notwithstanding all the hurdles and criticism that it has so far weathered. Through the curatorial processes and practices that it has consistently applied, Edwin’s Gallery has presented many artists and made them popular. Apart from its contribution to the creative economy, Edwin’s Gallery has also contributed greatly to the art phenomena, discourse, and development in Indonesia. We are partners in the effort to further the artists’ creativities and give them the necessary opportunities to present their best works. The key to Edwin’s Gallery strong existence to this day is inextricable from Edwin Raharjo’s passion, love, and concern for the art world. Congratulations, I wish for Edwin’s Gallery to be always successful and maintain its existence!


 Tubagus Andre Sukmana

The Head of the Indonesian National Gallery

July 14, 2009