Bazaar Art Jakarta 2016

Bazaar Art Jakarta 2016

Edwin’s Gallery at Bazaar Art Jakarta 2016

Grand Ballroom, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Pacific Place, Jakarta

Edwin’s Gallery proudly presents a special showcase for Bazaar Art Jakarta 2016.

It is the vision of EG to always throw exhibitions that is in tune with the latest progress and new explorations, which have always been making the Indonesian art scene running on its own dynamics. Since three decades of its running, EG  has been supporting various developments of artmaking with a large number of Indonesian and international artists. From these past 10 years also, EG has also been building networks and making projects with artists from various countries in a number of exhibitions, mainly held outside Indonesia.

In the situation nowadays where there’s a rapidly growing appreciation on visual arts, and in the end stimulating various changes as well as increasing the demands of the works from the current generation in the increasingly interconnected world, the need of collaboration between artists from different countries is highly desired.

The exhibition of Edwin Gallery at Bazaar Art Jakarta is an effort to present the latest works of artists managed and selected by EG, together with a couple of international artists that belong to EG’s global network. From here, we can see a compilation of  works as a part of the development of Indonesian and global contemporary culture, which, as can be seen in this exhibition, seems to be always progress dynamically in the future.

The artists selected are Indonesian artists Jumaldi Alfi, Kemalezedine, M. Irfan, Nasirun, R.E. Hartanto and Yuli Prayitno.